June 8 – Weed Cutting Update

Please refer to this location often for weed cutting information. The OLMD website is experiencing technical difficulties. The weed cutting information typically found on the upper right side of this page will now be located here on the Home Page for the remainder of the harvesting season.
• Due to the low water level, the OLMD is currently unable to navigate the weed barge into Crane’s Nest for pick-ups. We will continue to monitor the area and will update accordingly.
• As you are aware, the weed growth on Okauchee Lake is significant due the early spring with warm weather. We are currently working to cut the “hot spots” where the weeds have reached the surface in different areas of the lake. Once those areas are complete a more typical rotation of the lake will take place. Please be patient with the new crew as we work through these areas and remember to do your part to make sure cutting can easily take place by following the OLMD barging policy guidelines. It is not necessary to call the OLMD office to report “hot spots.”