How Many Boats Are Allowed At Your Pier?

Property owners can moor boats at their lifts and piers; however, there are limitations. According to the DNR website, “The law states that for non-commercial properties or properties with less than three dwelling units, up to two boat slips are allowed for the first 50 feet of shoreline owned and one for each additional full 50 feet of shoreline owned.” There are exceptions for piers existing before April 17, 2012, which can keep existing boat slip usage.

A few commercial establishments and private marinas have certain exceptions. The Golden Mast, The Hideaway Bar & Grill, Foolery’s and The Waters at Okauchee Lake have commercial exceptions, as do residential marinas like Lakeview Acres.

The OLMD encourages all to use the lake responsibly and safely, which means not exceeding the number of boats allowed for private boat slips. If you are concerned there has been a violation of these rules or the DNR law, contact the DNR directly and provide as much information as you can to help the DNR determine whether it will follow up on a complaint. You can call 800-TIP-WDNR, or email Kathleen.Kramasz at Let’s all use the lake in a safe, environmentally sensitive, and respectful way!