OLMD Efforts To Spur Action On Starry Stonewort from the DNR & State Officials

Starry Stonewort is a new aggressive invasive species found in Wisconsin Lakes. To date, it is not in Okauchee Lake. The Okauchee Lake Management District sent letters to several DNR officials, state and municipal leaders to draw attention to the immediate need for action by the DNR to prevent Starry Stonewort from spreading to Okauchee Lake. Please visit the “Reports” page of this website to view correspondence between the DNR, Senator Chris Kapenga’s office and OLMD representative, Tom Godar.

Please Help Keep Starry Stonewort Out of Okauchee Lake!

As you may be aware, Starry Stonewort, a macroalga invasive species, has been found in area lakes. The OLMD is asking for your help in keeping it out of Okauchee Lake. There are several things you can do to keep it out of Okauchee Lake waterways.
1) Please look for this invasive species in the lake. It can often be found near boat launch sites.
2) Please thoroughly inspect and clean your boat, watercrafts and trailer if you have been in Little Muskego Lake, Big Muskego Lake and Long Lake in Racine County recently.
3) Learn about Starry Stonewort. Public education and prevention is critical to keeping this plant out of Okauchee Lake!
Please visit the following link to the DNR website for identification information: http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/invasives/fact/starrystonewort.html
Identification information on Starry Stonewort can also be found on the “Reports” page of this website. Contact the DNR or the OLMD if you believe you have spotted Starry Stonewort.

Interested in Okauchee Lake Ice Dates?

Are you interested in Okauchee Lake’s historical ice dates? A lake resident collected ice dates since the 1970’s and shared them. What was the earliest date the lake iced over? How many winters can you recall when the lake was still iced over in April? Test your knowledge and find out by clicking on the “Reports” page!

Fun Facts

  • Okauchee Lake is comprised of 1,210 acres with a maximum depth of 115 feet.
  • Okauchee Lake has approximately 18 miles of shoreline.
  • The Okauchee Lake Improvement Association incorporated in 1909 and later in the 1950’s became the Oconomowoc Civic Association. The Association collected $100 and spent it to remove stumps from the channels to protect motors.
  • The Okauchee Lake Management District was formed in 1975.
  • Okauchee Lake is fed by and drains to the Oconomowoc River. It is the third in a chain of lakes on the river with Freiss Lake and North Lake upstream and Oconomowoc Lake, Fowler Lake and Lac La Belle located downstream.
  • In 1924 there were only two speed boats on the lake.
  • A mail boat was put into operation on the lake in 1910 and ran until the 1950’s.