2020 Weed Pick-Up – Barging Policy – Plants Must Be Free Of Trash!

It is OLMD policy regarding collection of aquatic plants from landowners that all plants for pick up MUST be placed on the end of the pier. This placement facilitates pick up, avoids damage to the hull of the barge on shoreline obstructions (i.e., rocks) and allows the employees to safely transfer the plant material to the barge. Recently some landowners have placed plants to be picked up on rocks at the shoreline to avoid discoloration of their pier. OLMD employees will not be allowed to risk their safety and personal injury to traverse rocky shoreline areas while carrying pitchforks to retrieve the weeds. It is imperative that the plants be placed on the end of the pier for pick-up.
Plants will be picked up during the week from piers in the sections being cut on a particular day and every Monday and Friday, weather permitting. Please check the OLMD website home page at www.olmd.org frequently to review the updated cutting schedule.
Plants must be free of any trash, such as cans, tree limbs, leaves, etc., because the farmers who receive the plant material will not accept anything except plants.
In the rare event plants must be on the shoreline, they must be in one pile in a location allowing the employees to easily transfer the plants directly to the barge. Please note adequate space is required between piers, boat-lifts, etc. to safely maneuver the barge to the pick-up point (20 feet minimum). If, in the opinion of the Lake Operations Manager (and after discussion with the riparian owner), these conditions are not met, the Commission’s policy is to refuse pick up of plant material until the above conditions have been met.
If you have any questions, please call 262-966-0286.