Changes To The Muskrat Control Program For 2021 – Maintenance Phase Beginning

As you may be aware, Arnold Groehler, DNR authorized Animal Damage Control Trapper, has been trapping Okauchee Lake for the past three years.  Beginning in  2021, Mr. Groehler will begin the maintenance phase of the OLMD Muskrat Control Program.  This means that he will trap the entire lake for approximately two weeks in spring and again for one week in fall.  Outside those time periods, he will switch to working with property owners on an individual basis with individual landowner responsibility for payment.  Mr. Groehler is nationally recognized for his skill and expertise and has gone beyond the OLMD scope of service to accommodate residents in the past three years by being “on call” for OLMD residents with little to no compensation for doing so.  Anyone with muskrats or other nuisance animals should contact Arnold Groehler directly by phone at 262-490-9363.