Starry Stonewort Update – 10-10-19

On September 27, 2019, the Okauchee Lake Management District application for chemical treatment of the aquatic invasive species, Starry Stonewort, found in two defined areas on the lake, was denied by DNR Senior Water Resources Management Specialist, Heidi Bunk. The letter of denial offered two substantive reasons for its position:

1. The Starry Stonewort populations at the bridge near Foolery’s and near the launch at the
Golden Mast are not currently presenting material obstruction to navigation.

2. The treatment proposed by OLMD was claimed not to have been shown effective to control
Starry Stonewort.

The Okauchee Lake Management Commission has asked for reconsideration of this decision. This is based on advice from our experts that the treatment proposed by OLMD, a combination of Cutrine Ultra-Hydrothol 191 has, indeed, been shown to be effective both locally and in studies conducted elsewhere. (Continued on the “Reports” page.)

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