The OLMD has a 1986 Ford Dump Truck for sale:
• Single Axle, 9-speed dump truck with 280,005 miles including new front tires, new radiator, new injection
pump, new front springs and a Cummings engine.
• Has rebuilt ram tor the dump box and also has a box in very good condition on it.
• Never been used for plowing and stored inside for winters!
• Asking $10,000 OBO. Please call 262-966-0286 and leave a message.

Aquatic Invasive Species Newsletter – July 2017

Did you hear? Waukesha County AIS is hosting its third Snapshot Day event on August 5! They are looking for volunteers to join them at sites around the county to get a “snapshot” of the aquatic life in our rivers and streams. Snapshot Day includes partnerships with UW Extension’s Citizen Lake Monitoring Network, Wisconsin DNR, and River Alliance of Wisconsin, and 22 other organizations statewide. Come out and learn more about what lives in your local stream, and help the AIS team monitor invasive species. A training session will be held on that day at the Oconomowoc Community Center to kick-off the event! Please view the newsletter for further information! Each newsletter is available to you by visiting the Waukesha County AIS webpage at

Please Remember To Secure Valuables – Recent Reports of Theft

In recent weeks, Okauchee Lake residents have reported items being removed from their shoreline, boat lifts and boats without permission. Consider taking items of value off your boat, lift and shoreline to prevent thefts from happening. Please be aware and if you see something, say something! Call “911” or the Town Police if you see theft occurring in your area.

Please Review The Barging Policy Prior To Lake Weed Pick-up

Please review the Barging Policy on the “Reports” page of this website to ensure your lake weeds can be collected. Plants must be free of any trash, such as dead fish, cans, tree limbs, sticks, leaves, etc., because the farmers who receive the material will not accept anything but plants. Also, the cutting crew is working hard to address the “hot spots” of the lake first and then will continue cutting the normal rotation of the lake.

Starry Stonewort Found In Sturgeon Bay!

Starry Stonewort has recently been found in Sturgeon Bay. Please see the article on the “Reports” page. Please continue to be diligent in keeping your boat, trailer and recreational equipment clean after traveling to other lakes. Also, please continue to be watchful for Starry Stonewort in area lakes- especially near boat launch sites. If you believe you have located Starry Stonewort, please contact Brad Steckart, Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator at 262-335-4806 and leave a message if he is unavailable noting the location you believe you saw the plant.

Read A DNR Article: The Science Behind The SuperWeed – Eurasian Water Milfoil

The Okauchee Lake Management District has conducted aquatic plant surveys regularly since 1992. Eurasian Water milfoil has been present in each survey and was found in a survey in 1977. In 2013, milfoil was found in 43% of the sample points. This was down slightly from 56% in 2008. The native milfoil was found in only 5% of the sample points in 2013. Milfoil covers a wide range of areas in Okauchee Lake, from the shallow bays to the deep water. Okauchee Lake also has a native milfoil. Native plants, although sometimes a nuisance as well, have helped control the amount of milfoil. The District’s efforts, relying on herbicides and harvesting, is effectively managing the milfoil in Okauchee Lake. To date, there have been no signs of milfoil herbicide resistance in the lake.

Please visit the “Reports” page for the DNR article: “The Science Behind The Superweed – Eurasian Water Milfoil.” This article has been reprinted with permission of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine.