Heard About The Muskrat Removal Program For OLMD Property Owners?

Do you have muskrats on your shoreline? Would you like them removed? This year, the OLMD is working with authorized DNR agent, Arnold Groehler, to remove muskrats from OLMD shorelines where their burrows or activity have become a nuisance for property owners. The OLMD authorized the expenditure of $1,000 to pay for Mr. Groehler’s service for OLMD residents at the 2017 Annual Meeting. If you would be interested in having them removed from your shoreline, please visit the “Reports” page on this website and review the article “Muskrat Information – Arnold Groehler.” Permission to access your property is required and can be given through the use of an online form, or PDF form available for download, on the “Forms” page of this website. Don’t forget to submit the form soon-the deadline is February 1, 2018!